Why is Content King for Website Design

Within the marketing industry you may have heard the saying “Content is King”, but do you know the real reason why content is king and why content is critically important?
If you do not know, don’t worry a lot of marketing experts do not know either.


We are living in a new age of content

The phrase has been knocking around for a long time and when you look back 15 years ago the largest companies in the world did not exist, companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and YouTube. So in 2016 when you want to access information you go straight to search engines, easy right? Well 15 of so years ago when you wanted to access information you went to a library, it took a lot longer but you would inevitably got the information you desired.

We now have a world of information and content at our fingertips, anything you can think of probably already exists in the web. The way content is viewed, read and accessed has changed considerably over the last decade. We are living in a new age of content and information.


Content and the web

When designing a new website or redeveloping an existing website the longest part of the project is content creation. Web designers will always argue that you need to have all the content created before you can design a website. This is due to the fact that websites are viewed on so many different platforms and the content has to flow and appear seamless of each platform and device. Content should never be changed or lost when changing from different screen sizes.

A website should be designed around the content, not the other way around. The content should not be made to fit pre determined boxes, by doing this you run the risk of editing sentences and removing crucial keywords. Also ruining the design of the website if you are unable to edit and reduce certain sentences.

Designing from the content out is the correct way in which website design should be undertaken. This puts all the emphasis on the content which leads us to the phrase “Content is King”. Users are visit your website to access your content and if they are doing is then your content is achieving its goal!

The look and design of a website is also crucial to the success of good content, as a poor design can often lead people to leave the website. The design of the website needs to compliment the content and ensure it is easy accessible and can be viewed on different devices and platforms with ease.


Who is the King?

For website design and even online marketing it can be viewed that “Content is King” as it is the belief that the content, the text in particular, is central to the success of a website.



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