My Role as General Manager

I am currently General Manager at Amron Associates, which can be stressful yet very rewarding like most senior positions within companies are. Running a business and being responsible for its development and success is a great privilege and my knowledge base is constantly growing. I face different challenges on a daily basis so I need to reach out to colleagues, directors and mentors in order to gain the knowledge required to overcome the challenge and find the best solution.

I created this video to summarise what I do and what I think a role of a General Manager should involved. However, there are so many more smaller tasks that I undertake on a daily basis that I failed to mention, but these are the main roles and responsibilities I am accountable for.

  • Lead the development of business strategies in the UK and European markets; by adapting and enhancing the company’s global and regional strategy to the local market conditions.
  • Developing and achieving the annual commercial/budget plan.
  • Recruit, train, develop, supervise, and motivate staff to ensure we have a professional, experienced, skilled and a motivated team capable of meeting the company’s long-term objectives.
  • Promote Amron, its brand, products, and its strategy. Serve as the company’s leader and representative for regional media, governments, professional and business communities.
  • Organise and monitor marketing activities to create market awareness of the company’s offerings and generate the demand for the company’s products achieving the maximum return on the investments in marketing.
  • Maintain key sales partnerships/customers and deepen these relationships.
  • Guide and manage the sales team, create and distribute sales practices and policies to achieve maximum performance. Establishing sales account management systems, sales forecasting and reporting systems, track profitability of sales operations to meet the company’s goals. Ensure the development of efficient customer relationship management.
  • Design the responsibilities, reporting lines and performance criteria for employees. Plan, organise and monitor the work of the team; set objectives and evaluate the performance of the team members.
  • Compose, conform, and control execution of the sales and expenses budget.
  • Establish and maintain effective communication with suppliers around the world ensuring that cross-functional business processes are organised and performed efficiently and effectively.
  • Organise and oversee customer services in order to achieve high customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Maintain and refine internal business processes and procedures in collaboration with the Non-Executive Directors to maintain operating excellence and economic efficiency.
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