Capitalise on your customers questions

How do you capitalise on your customers questions? I am not referring to ringing every last penny out of them, but actually assisting them and others in the future in terms of content. During any sales call you may typically get asked at least 5 questions about your product or service, ask yourself why are people asking me this? Is it:

  1. They have not been able to find the answer themselves?
  2. They do not have time to research and find the answer and want a quick answer from a person?

The later is better, because it means the content is potentially out there but they don’t have the time to find it. To be honest either option doesn’t matter as it gives you a great basis to start from. The fact people are ringing you up or speaking to you is great in itself, now is the time to build upon your customer base and improve your brand awareness and brand image within the industry.

So what to do?

During each sales call write down 5 questions that you get asked, then the next sales call do the same, and so on and so on.

In fact get the whole sales team and everyone that speaks to customers to do the same. At the end of the week you would have hundreds of questions, some common and some far fetched. Now pick the top 5, 10 or 15 most common questions are you are asked and address them.

So create a video post, blog post, write a white paper, simply do something that addresses and answers the question, then post it online.

What you are doing is putting content out there that people want to read, as they asked you the question in the first place. They won’t be the only people asking that question, this isn’t industry specific or product specific, if you get asked a question about your business, products or services, you have an opportunity to create some content and drive more people toward your business.

You will reap the benefits

The benefits are that is helps drive more people towards your business, it improves your brand and over time your brand will become known as a knowledgable and trusted company within the industry giving and offering honest and trustworthy advice.

At the end of that day your customers are telling you want they want to know and creating content is free, so put to the two together is a winning combination

Get out there get creative and create great content your customers will love.

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