Positive Meeting Etiquette

Business meetings, private meetings, personal meetings, any form of meetings are essentially unavoidable. However it you have a good set of rules to follow during meetings, it will help with he effectiveness of the meeting and help you reach goals, decisions and conclusions efficiently. Setting basic ground rules for meetings also helps people understand what is expected of them from meetings, what they can do and what they cannot do. Although it should be pretty common knowledge what is expected from people at meetings, but sometimes people do need reminding.

At my business I have instilled a ‘Positive Meeting Etiquette’, it is a list of 10 different points that people must adhere to during any form of meeting. Essentially it has been developed so everyone attending the meeting is prepared, focused and shows respect to each other. I distribute the list along with the meeting agenda to everyone prior to the meeting, then they do not have an excuse to not have seen it and understand it.

Positive Meeting Etiquette

  1. Start on time
  2. Be prepared – Read the agenda
  3. Switch electronic devices to silent
  4. Laptops/Tablets should remain closed unless being used to present / contribute / take official minutes
  5. Actively listen to other points of view
  6. Avoid interrupting the speaker
  7. Contribute clearly and concisely
  8. Don’t engage in side conversations
  9. Stick to the agenda and reach & communicate conclusions
  10. Finish on time
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