What is Cloud Marketing all about?

The cloud has been around for a long time now, whether you have fully embraced it or not, sooner of later you will be using it.

Cloud marketing is the delivery of an integrated digital and real world experience.  It is personalised for every individual, based on their needs, desires, preferences, activities, past behaviours and location.

Most of the big game changing companies are already fully embracing cloud marketing. We can already see the world moving in this direction as the power of communication is shifting away from companies and into social conversations online and peer-to-peer reviews without the needs for brands to even be involved.

There are different software and companies currently pushing their own cloud marketing platforms. However there are at least 4 components that every digital marketing cloud should offer:

  1. Content Management Tools – this is to help create and manage the content and engagement tools that can be deployed across different digital channels.
  2. Multi Channel Marketing Automation – for publishing and promoting content that helps marketers engage customers across several different digital channels. Depending on your business this should be focused at mobile and social channels. It also needs automation for the intelligent algorithms that sequence how that engagement happens.
  3. Social Media Tools – Listening to and engaging with social media networks to tap into consumer conversation, respond with custom content or to advertise.
  4. Analytical Platforms – To create profiles of consumers based on their online behaviour, and evaluate which marketing campaigns are working and which aren’t.

The end goal of cloud marketing is to receive real life data and analytics from your marketing activities to prove that your campaigns are working across different platforms. This way you can determine and work out your ROI and be confident that how you are marketing is working.


Is Cloud Marketing for you?

Cloud marketing is ideal if you are a B2C business, if you are selling direct to consumers then knowing what they, what they like and what they think is imperative to growing a successful brand. Within the B2C industries consumers never stop, they are always talking, communicating and potentially improving your brand. Picking the right cloud marketing software is crucial as it will monitor your goals and record data 24/7, the software never stops working either.

If you are marketing for B2B, cloud marketing still has its place and purpose. However the B2B industries normally operate between a set working hour and it is hard to communicate and often not worth communicating with individuals from businesses after those working hours. Cloud marketing can certainly help with your marketing needs and desires, after all your are trying to improve your business and brand so having good analytics is definitely always going to help.


Cloud Marketing Platforms

There are several cloud marketing solutions available, some which may be worth checking out include:

  1. Adobe Cloud Marketing: http://www.adobe.com/uk/marketing-cloud.html
  1. Salesforce: http://www.salesforce.com/uk/marketing-cloud/overview/
  1. Orcale: https://www.oracle.com/marketingcloud/index.html
  1. IBM: https://www.ibm.com/marketplace/cloud/digital-marketing-and-lead-management/us/en-us


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